As I look at the imposing mansion and its beautiful facade memories of when I was a child appear... Imagining myself being inside it... What smells would come out of those big windows? Maybe the dried meat frying in the pot, the cornmeal cake cooking in the oven...    Read more »
By: Juliano Souza da Silva

November 30, 2017
Category: Memories

A long time ago I heard this story, but I remember how it was told me. - In a very special feast day, children from a school nearby were here carrying 10 small fig tree seedlings, and planted in sites already demarcated.    Read more »
By: Maria Teresa Machado

October 4, 2016
Category: Memories

It's almost unusual we imagine that before the existence of current roads, paved or not, in a past not so far, road linking some coastal towns could have been made by beaches.    Read more »
By: Oduvaldo Florentino Machado

January 20, 2015
Category: Memories

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