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January 1, 2015
 Title: View from my window
 Description: Florianópolis, 00h57min
 Local: Florianópolis, Brazil
 Date of Registration: 01/01/2015
      Place is the same and everything looks exactly the same: energy, scenery, people ...
      But when we look more closely, when we look with the eyes of soul, we realize that everything that looks exactly the same, is completely different. Yes, because from the creatures who are here, people, these are not the same.
      Not because right now they are celebrating each other, or making promises that may never happen; or that also are performing their rites of passage, so characteristic and so necessary to the human being, anticipating the new cycle of time that is starting.
      But rather because a new time brings with it the harbinger of a new pulsar, a new rhythm, another way of feeling: the possibility of rebirth in another way of (human) being.
      A process that would eventually lead to the new and different results; because the chrono-time does not come back, it passes through the present and points to the future. A future that inexorably walk by the present time meanders, with a new rhythm, a new way to experience, a new way of doing.
      Let's get to work then!
      We must always remember that each of us has an important role as an agent in the conduct of processes. And that beyond our work and our daily struggle, you can do more for us and the medium surrounding us: the collective; either through our qualities or else by overcoming our weaknesses.
      But then, let's get to work then! And do it the best way we can.
      And before we ask ourselves "what are my rights?", remember to ask ourselves, "What are my duties?": to me and to other people.
      It is with this perception, the perception of a new and different way of acting, feeling and looking at the world around us, we can see that all is not the same as it was before; why would we?
      The subtle differences that now we will have, instead of being reasons for our personal immobility become opportunities for performing niches within our expression; expression of the culture we bring in our heredity, in our DNA: the human being.
      Happy New Year!

Ruy Luiz Machado


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