The bridge



January 6, 2022
 Title: North Bay in Florianópolis
 Description: North Bay seen from the Hercílio Luz Bridge.
 Local: Hercílio Luz Bridge
 Date of Registration: 01/01/2022
      Some time ago someone told me that: "The secret of happiness is to wake up early".
      I don`t know if by chance, but today, the first day of the new year, I woke up early. I looked outside and noticed that a beautiful day was starting.
      I decided to take my morning walk across the bridge, on the old and new Hercílio Luz Bridge. A place of so many beauties, of so many photos I`ve taken and I`ll certainly make to be so enchanted, and always with the challenge of still perceiving new images; details maybe. But in one way or another I always end up noticing something new, different... it`s really inspiring!
      During the walk a thousand and one thoughts come to my mind. A really inspiring place that makes me think about certain whys: like "walking over the bridge" and the meanings it may contain: the bridge that connects, the bridge that separates, the bridge that unites, the bridge that connects an island to a continent, or a continent to an island; but in one way or another it allows access to the other side, the one we want to reach.
      Nothing more appropriate for a moment like the one that is just beginning: to reflect on our trajectories: those that were, those that will come... Maybe we can review and look more carefully at our surroundings and identify the things that need to be renewed, reframed or even deleted. But not only that it would also be necessary for us to reflect on the tools and formulas that need to be adjusted for this "new" path which is nothing more than a part of another great path.
      I walk and walk and walk... I walk beyond the bridge and I reach a park called Luz Park: trails, trees, flowers, people, birds... a place where I find a lot of harmony. And not by chance I come across a totem that I hadn`t seen for a long time and I had even forgotten about it. A simple wooden monument in the shape of an obelisk where the following words are written in four languages: "May Peace Prevail in the World". Why better message like that to start the year?
      So may we always do our best for ourselves and for the peace of humanity.
      Happy New Year!


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