A ritual moment in which they share food and feelings together. Feelings that they carry in their hearts and that perhaps through the encounter with the other: the one who has the same origins, the same history and the same customs, it is possible to restore and re-establish bonds of belonging for oneself, for the other, for the group and the collective.    Read more »
By: Ruy Luiz Machado

April 3, 2023
Category: Traditions

I make portraits, immortalize facts, people, moments. I insist on retaining time... portraits. I look for directions, I walk paths. People walk by and like a movie: I walk through the footsteps!    Read more »
By: Ruy Luiz Machado

August 19, 2022
Category: Poem

Some time ago someone told me that: "The secret of happiness is to wake up early". I don`t know if by chance, but today, the first day of the new year, I woke up early. I looked outside and noticed that a beautiful day was starting.    Read more »
By: Ruy Luiz Machado

January 6, 2022
Category: Thoughts

Other times, another generation but really more than a postcard, monument or historical heritage, today I could see how much the Hercílio Luz Bridge is configured as an element of integration; not only between continental and island land, but between people.    Read more »
By: Ruy Luiz Machado

December 31, 2019

As I look at the imposing mansion and its beautiful facade memories of when I was a child appear... Imagining myself being inside it... What smells would come out of those big windows? Maybe the dried meat frying in the pot, the cornmeal cake cooking in the oven...    Read more »
By: Juliano Souza da Silva

November 30, 2017
Category: Memories

A long time ago I heard this story, but I remember how it was told me. - In a very special feast day, children from a school nearby were here carrying 10 small fig tree seedlings, and planted in sites already demarcated.    Read more »
By: Maria Teresa Machado

October 4, 2016
Category: Memories

It's almost unusual we imagine that before the existence of current roads, paved or not, in a past not so far, road linking some coastal towns could have been made by beaches.    Read more »
By: Oduvaldo Florentino Machado

January 20, 2015
Category: Memories

Place is the same and everything looks exactly the same: energy, scenery, people ... But when we look more closely, when we look with the eyes of soul, we realize that everything that looks exactly the same, is completely different. Yes, because from the creatures who are here, people, these are not the same.    Read more »
By: Ruy Luiz Machado

January 1, 2015
Category: Thoughts

A closer look, a direct connection to the environment around... and the details began to emerge, a true syntonic process of dialogue with the objects, fences, windows.    Read more »
By: Ruy Luiz Machado

January 17, 2014
Category: Narrative

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