24th Exhibition
Santa Isabel colony: images of a past still present

23th Exhibition
Filò Talian: ties that link generations

22nd Exhibition
Between material and immaterial, the beauty: a look about the Bauernmalerei of Dreizehnlinden

21st Exhibition
Passages of time

20th Exhibition
Ethnic visibility of German colonization in São Pedro de Alcântara nowadays

19th Exhibition
Babenberg: a return to the origins

18th Exhibition
Festival of the Holy Spirit at Santo Amaro da Imperatriz

17th Exhibition
Goethe grape and wine: origins, identity and the taste of the new land

16th Exhibition
Ingrid Thaler: the art and tradition of sculpture

15th Exhibition
Westfalen German Folk Dance Group: 20 years preserving traditions

14th Exhibition
Caldas da Imperatriz: 200 years

13th Exhibition
Italian immigrants in south of Santa Catarina: origins, a new homeland and the time that has passed

12nd Exhibition
Bobbin lace: between lacemakers hands that weave, sayings and knowledges of Santa Catarina Island

11th Exhibition
Blacksmith and his work: deific art of forging the matter to sustain the form

10th Exhibition

9th Exhibition
Laguna city, the place and time: a look in the light of history

8th Exhibition
From clay of soil to the land of the Island imaginary: handicrafts of three Marys

7th Exhibition
Nova Veneza: il lavoro di tanti

6th Exhibition
São Pedro de Alcântara: cradle of German colonization in Santa Catarina

5th Exhibition
Somewhere on Santa Catarina Island

4th Exhibition
Past and present in São Francisco do Sul city, Brazil

3th Exhibition
Narrative in portraits: revisiting a Criciúma that I lived

2nd Exhibition
The muleteers who passed through here: São Joaquim city

1st Exhibition
Dreizehnlinden, eighty years later: a singular perspective

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